RE&GP: 2017 Camp Registration

 1 Week Sessions for 2017 SUMMER  JUNE 26 until July 28

NEW  TIMES (Summer 2017)

9:15 AM – 3:15 PM is $370 per Week

Free before care:   8:15 AM-9:15 AM

Additional options:

After-Care (3:15-4:15) ($50 a week)



Kids Camp in Bethesda Maryland!!





Sumo-Bot Fun & Soccer-Bot Fun (World Cup Inspired: Picture at Bottom).

1)Robotics can include “fierce” competition. We are lucky kids form strong friendships and have learned the importance of fair play and good sportsmanship. If this were not the case, Mr. A would need security in his robotics camp. Of course the campers are not engaging in hand to hand combat. Instead they are using robots built from Lego components, particularly the Lego Mindstorms sets. The combative event  is actually a world-renowned engineering clash that mimics the ancient art of Japanese Sumo.

In our variation of Sumo-Bot Competition, each robot must have met particular weight and size requirements prior to the official matches. Robots start on opposite sides of a white rectangular “Sumo” board or a rectangular space boardered by tape and prepare for a vicious showdown. Each team robot attempts to push the other team’s robot off the playing surface. After the battle, only one robot remains. After a few adjustments, the battle tested foes are much improved and ready to fight again. Below are some clips from this year’s competitions.

2) The children have fashioned many designs for their Soccer-Bots. They were inspired by Brazil World Cup and now are inspired by Brazil Olympics

The Woods Robotics Legacy

The Woods Robotics Legacy

Since this time, robotics and computer programming have become a hallmark of a Woods education. Today, our second grade students are introduced to robotics through the WeDo Lego robotics program. Students are able to build and program a variety of robots. And, our fifth and sixth grade students continue to study The Science of Robotics using the Lego Mindstorm Robotics curriculum which forms the core of the computer programming and robotics unit. Students are challenged to design and program robots that will accomplish a variety of tasks. The unit culminates with a robot design competition.

Not only has robotics become a core component of our science and technology curriculum, it is also an extremely popular and successful extracurricular activity. Today, The Woods has three FLL Robotics teams, the Owlbots, the Green Machine, and the Ladybots. Since the 2009-2010 school year, The Woods inaugural Robotics season, at least one Woods robotics team has competed at the FLL Maryland State Championship. We hope to carry this streak into our seventh season.
If you would like to learn more about their work, our Robotics teams will be presenting their research projects at the STEAM Showcase this Saturday, December 5 from 10 AM – 12 noon. The Ladybots will compete at their FLL Qualifier on Saturday, December 12 at Anne Arundel Community College and the Owlbots and the Green Machine will compete at their FLL Qualifier on Saturday, January 9 at Rockville Science Center, Universities at Shady Grove. The Robot Games portion of these Qualifiers is open to the the public.
Jodie Shoemaker